Is there a way to export from warcraftlogs to google spreadsheets?

Our guild uses the spread sheets for much more than warcraft logs does as well as our members can access the spreadsheets much more easily. I have googled and seen a few other requests for this for various reasons but was unable to see if something was done for guilds who want to do something like this.

Please tell me how to go about exporting? We currently have someone spending multiple hours per week creating spreadsheets and graphs and basically just moving data from warcraftlogs to our spreadsheets and then adding our own data in so that we can analyze it together.

If there is no such way to do it, can you please create a way? Thanks.

Most of the tables have CSV buttons at the bottom underneath the table. Clicking that will give you a CSV that you put into a spreadsheet.

That’s awesome - thanks! On our spreadsheets we have them maintain over the week so for people that are in for a couple attempts (be it a trial or someone who had to go or was late or whatever reason and is not in on a certain log for a boss) is not going to show on the export. Is there a way (I saw that the person loading the log can insert people sitting on the bench for attendance), is there a way to insert people that way that were ‘on the bench’ per say so that when it’s uploaded into google spreadsheets (we sort alphabetically) that when we resort it alphabetically… it’s not missing people? even though those people weren’t exactly in the fight? They were the bench warmers bringing us mana cakes?