Invalid Log: Heroic N'Zoth pug

I think it started when my guild killed normal N’zoth last night, and my logs failed to validate the kill.
Tank’s (that was successful):

Tonight, I did a heroic pug. Last night I told warcraftlogs to delete the log from normal when it finished, so I thought it was fresh. When I selected “select which raids to upload” it still showed two nzoth heroic kills, one from tonight’s pug and one from last week’s pug, which was odd. I couldn’t select the single heroic kill, so I picked the (2) option. It then said “invalid log” for both of them. Here’s the log file with all of them:
I then distilled the combat log to ONLY the heroic encounter through painstaking notepad cutting, which is this: which still provides an invalid log here:

If I’m doing something wrong, I’d love to know.