Heroic Goroth fight marked Invalid, not sure why


I haven’t been able to find why this fight has been marked invalid. No trash was pulled with the boss. Really, nothing special was done before, during, or after the fight. It was just a normal heroic kill, even the duration was about the same time as most of our Goroth kills.

Can anyone help with this?

Edit: Unrelated, but is there no way at all to get to a person’s profile from a log? That seems like a pretty core missing feature.

During that fight, did at least one of the three infernals stay alive when the boss was pulled? I find that on Harjatan, if the boss is pulled before the two packs of trash have died and combat has dropped, then the log will ALWAYS be ‘invalid’.

No clue why, because that means more and more of the fights are going to be ‘invalid’ as we out-gear the place and begin pulling the bosses with trash still up.

NOTE: When I say trash, I do not mean adds that are spawned by the boss.