Info for TBC Heroic Dungeons

Is there a post or better location to learn more about upcoming TBC Heroic logs? Some features appear to be live now, but I did not see the logs tracking the individual bosses in the 5 person dungeon (at least in a similar manner to how the logs show the boss encounters for raids).

I apologize if there is public info on this already, I was unable to find posted info. Are there plans to include the individual boss encounters in the 5 person Heroics? I am very excited that Warcraft Logs is beginning to include Heroics and hope that individual boss encounters will be included.

Also, is there additional information regarding what trash has to be killed in specific dungeons for a log to be valid?

Thank you for your time

I have also been looking for clarification on this and other specifics on how Execution and Speed scores are calculated…

Bump for @Kihra , any chance of some info?