Improving performance evaluation with ranged percentiles

I’ve been active on warlock discord for a while, the first time I noticed it was personal but now I started to notice that other people have experienced minor issues with the problem I am about to describe. I believe visual examples are the best, so here we go:

This is the Ranged tab for Guarm Mythic when exploring myself as a player:

Those are the same results when I filter by the appropriate specialization, Destruction:

There is a noticeable difference to the untrained eye, and those are the eyes of many.

Now, I do know where the difference comes from and I know that Ranged tab is supposed to look at the class as a whole and rank specs accordingly to their performance. In this Demonology is performing much better which offsets destruction as one of the weakest single target specs.

But not everyone fully understand how to read this and also changing specialization is really tedious in the current design of the game - mostly because of artifact development and legendaries. So the ranged tab could be slightly misleading if one doesn’t fully understand how to read. And percentiles have become increasingly a serious thing in the community that people discuss and exchange as information.


I would like if we can clarify this a little and my suggestion is to add a column to the Ranged tab that shows the percentile performance for the spec next to the one of the class, it could look something like this:

The new column I added is “Spec”.

What do you think?

That’s a good idea.