How does WCL handle conflicting logs?

If multiple people in the same raid upload logs, and either or both of those logs contain different data, due to people being out of range, or in some other “phase”, or whatever…how does WCL handle that? The log I uploaded last night for Trilliax has me at 36k dps higher than the total which actually displays on the rankings for Trilliax.

Thanks in advance. (I tried to search for an answer before asking)

There shouldn’t be any range or phase issues in Nighthold as far as I know.

Then what would explain this:

Damage done to Scrubbers is being excluded from rankings.

Ahhhhhhh thanks.

OK so that explains that mystery, but do we know what would actually happen if WCL received 2 different logs from the same fight that contained different numbers?

It will use the best one. I do de-duplication in your character profile pages and always show you the best #s from any reports that share the same fight.

Very cool. Thanks again!