HoT for medica II/regen not being parsed correctly?

I’ve noticed my healing contributions are significantly lower than they should be in certain parses and it looks like the cause comes from medica II and regen ticks not being calculated correctly.

For example in this log medica II HoT ticks contributed barely 0.6% of my total hps.

A look in events view showing every medica II HoT tick healing for 1hp

I’ll try and record a video with a log uploaded with similar results during my groups run this week as i’m most definitely certain that medica II and Regen should not be ticking for such abysmally little amounts.

Heres another log where the medica II and regens seem to be calculated incorrectly, with over 1k ticks healing for 22k hp? A look at events show the HoT ticking for 1hp most of the time as well.

and this log is a week before where the numbers seem correct

Ah yeah, my Potency estimation code looks primarily for Cure I and Cure II, which you did not cast. I added in Medica, Medica II and Cure III for completeness, so should be better.

Thanks for the quick reply.

That’s good to know and also interesting. I always knew HoTs and DoTs had to be simulated some how but never did consider the potencies would be simulated based on other spells.

also wow all the logs are already updated? As a dev i’m impressed, I would have thought that would have taken considerable time to reprocess and would probably only be in effect for future logs uploaded.