Hati showing in damage logs

Does anyone know why Hati would be showing as having damage done? It only seems to show on reports I have uploaded and is only for a few hits. I have advanced combat logging turned on. Like I said its only a few hits so not a major deal but if I pull up my best ranking/performance it shows from someone that was logging that was not in guild so my report doesnt count for guild rankings.

Link to my uploaded report

Link to report from non guild person in raid

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I believe this is why the uploader recommends uploading raids with trash fights.

It’s very likely you started logging after Hati was summoned so the advanced combat logging missed the summon event and didn’t know which hunter’s Hati that is so it didn’t assign it to anyone.

Or you just didn’t log trash fights. Logging those helps assigning correct pets to their owners.

Thanks for advices.