Guildmaster/owner change for WCL Classic guild

Hi - how do I change/edit the guildmaster on a guild I created on the Classic side of Warcraftlogs? I created the guild on WCL to upload my own logs JFF, but I’d like to transfer ownership to the actual guildmaster.

World of Warcraft Classic
Guild: Martial Law
Server: Grobbulus (NA)

If ownership transfer is something that can only be done on your/admin side, let me know. I’ll work on finding out the username of the person I’d like guild ownership transferred to. Otherwise, if it’s something I can do myself that I’m just blind and not seeing how to do, lemme know. Thanks!

Nevermind, figured it out. Once a second person joined the guild on WCL, I was able to promote them to guildmaster. I’m all set!