Guild Name Change EU-Draenor

Hi I recently paid to have our guild name changed on Draenor and it has now made another guilds logs I would love to just be able to have it all as one with all our old logs and rankings etc on one, We used to be Ruthless-Draenor (EU) and are now VenoM-Draenor (EU), I tried following others advice and changing it but it tells me “another guild on the realm exists with that name” I am at a loss as to what to do.

An admin (e.g., the GM) should be able to do the following:

(1) Move the report that got uploaded from VenoM to back to Ruthless. This is done by clicking the pencil icon in the top bar of the report page and then changing the guild to Ruthless.
(2) Delete VenoM. This is done from the Settings page of the guild.
(3) Go to Ruthless’s Settings tab and select “Edit Guild Information…:”
(4) Change the name to VenoM.
(5) Go to the characters tab for the now-renamed VenoM and click Update to get characters imported.

Thank you so much that seems to work!! XD