Guild logs with issues


Since Molten Core our guild has problems with logs.
Our members appears without guild in the Damage ranking ( For example Yari, Tds, Mariola, Golin, Karnick ,Grømmash, all of them are from WE ARE INEVITABLE - Mandokir (EU Spanish) and this is happening from Molten Core, but now they appear with guild in MC but not in BWL rankings, for example here, Golin appears with the guild name in MC ranking but not in BWL.
Also, in ranking progress our guild appears but not in speed, any of our logs. I checked guilds options but I can’t find a fix. I checked logs and we didn’t use any invis potion or skipped any important trash pull.

Can you help me with these issues?


I fixed that guild appear in the rankings but still our members appear without guild.

How can I fix that?