Guild Doesnt exist after renaming

We have some trouble to find our guild.
“Nïflheim” Ally faction EU-Hyjal is a new guild which have been renaming from “Le Clan Perce Fût” but the new guild doesn’t appear in your list.

When we tried to create the new guild, the site indicate that the guild is allready created.
But it send us on another Guild “Niflheïm” different form us and already use.

Fact that i just see… i have been incorporated in the guild which i don’t belong and is on the Horde faction.

How can i rectify this ? And find our guild code ?

Warcraft Logs (because of a database collation setting on guild names) cannot distinguish between two guilds who differ only in accent marks like this. This is the first time in 3 years of running the site that I’ve seen two active guilds compete for the same canonicalized name. Usually one guild is just dead, since why would you want to have a name so similar to another active guild on the server? LOL.

There is no solution for you at this time. You will have to just make a fake name and log to that for now.

So you can"t distinguish Horde and Alliance side … unlock this at last.
Both guild are aware and alive … more over while your site retreiving information from armory those information was wrong by collapsing every player from different guild from the same server with different writing.

Imagine Limit information collapsing with some ordinary guild like Lïmit and Lîmît … it felt kind of a nosense.

I can believe that Nïflheim is this only case.
Nïflheim@Eu-Hyjal(alliance) and Niflheïm@Eu-Hyjal(horde) are two entities différent

You must have a solution, except by telling us of renaming, because battlenet wow is allowing us to have these writing.
Why don"t you ?

I said “at this time” not “never”… it’s obviously on my list of things to fix. The fix is just major and involved, so it’s not something I can code in one day. I am giving you a solution that works right now, until the problem can be addressed.

You’re the first case of a conflict where two guilds actually both want the spot. Normally I could resolve this because one of the guilds is always inactive or not logging.

Anyway, yes, it’s a bug, and I will make fixing it a high priority now that two guilds are actually in conflict.

I looked into this some more, and the person logging to Niflheim wasn’t actually in that guild any longer, so this actually wasn’t a conflict after all. I moved his logs to his current guild, Prophecy, and so the name Niflheim is free now.

Thank you for having this problem resolved, you relieved all my officers.

Update: Also fixed the underlying issue, so you can now have two guilds with different accented characters but the same name otherwise.