Greater Heal Not Logging Correctly?

A quick search for greater heal didn’t return any results. Any news on greater heal casts not being logged properly? The numbers logged are less than the minimum cast. This has been happening throughout P6. Here is an example.

Bug request submitted via email ticketing system.

Can you be more specific? I’m not sure what you’re asking.

I’m so sorry I was foolishly assuming it was a known thing. This has been an issue for at least two months, greater heals cast by me are incorrectly logged. This was easiest for me to see on Patchwerk but not sure if it’s a global nax issue. My avg cast of gh1 last week showed 800, which is impossible. I first noticed because my constant casts of gh1 or gh2 get out healed by other casting heal. Gear, consumes and buffs are all similar. This week I swapped to gh2 on patch and the number went up but still miss reported.

Thank you for all you do.

Michael (pezmel)

I see hits matching casts… do you have an example of a fight where you feel you had too few casts reported?

So I’m an idiot and very sorry but I didn’t realize that all this time my raw healing had been unselected. I’m very sorry. I added my sub to the top tier. Again I’m sorry to soak up your time on this. Sending a one time patreon as well for $100. Sent via paypal

It’s not the casts it’s the amount healed for. From my logs last night on Patch. GH2 was cast 52 times, showing avg cast to be 1.2k. GH2 (or GH1) can’t heal for that low of a number.