Gorefiend Analyzing Tipps / Corrupted Souls

Hi, i would love to get some tipps on how i can analyze Gorefiend Mythic better. Any tricks to see fails?

I learned the basics of expressions, but there are some special cases on Gorefiend where i have no idea how to make a good expression for it and if its even possible.

Particularly i want more information about the corrupted souls and how to see “bad dmg” on them. Can i see which soul belongs to which raider? Can i show dmg done to souls but filter out dmg to Souls living longer than x amounts of seconds?

Some other ideas were:

  • Seeing if people running together with Shared Fate properly
  • Seeing Splash dmg not involving any dmg to or caused by people who have to run (fixate, doom, shared fate)
  • Seeing the dmg taken by someone in the last x seconds before he was sent into the stomatch (without deaths from Shadow of Death) - like the Soulthirst-Section under Problems with some kind of Death Log

Thanks for your help :slight_smile: