Frost Mage Named Drezbi Cheating on Logs

There is currently a Frost mage named Drezbi-Illidan from a guild called who just got multiple rank 1 parses in Mythic NH along with a Ret Pally named Darthmahler-Illidan who used an exploit to increase their main stat and stamina by more than 20k and 50k respectively.

Logs linked to show which fight im talking about. Someone at Drezbi’s ilvl at 909-911 averages roughly 50k-52k int. Which is 20k under his 74k int on their kill. Not sure what kind of exploit these two were using, but it is completely unfair to the people who actually played their class to its highest to achieve their parses.

EDIT: a link to my logs for the same fight to show the difference in int. I am also 4 ilvls higher than Drezbi so that you can see the blatantly obvious difference in int

EDIT2: Seems like the cause of this was the recent pvp bug, theres a lot of examples with logs out there, hopefully they get around to removing those logs and further logs.


I actually had the same thing happen to me last night while running normal NH. This was related to a PvP bug that was giving people mass amounts of stats. It was finally solved with a logout once they hotfixed the issue (or rather reverted the hotfix that caused it). However, it took a few hours for this fix and there was no way (from what it seemed) to get rid of it before that. Hopefully, the warcraftlogs team can pull the logs of anyone who had this happen (myself included) as it really throws off the whole ranking system.

Yeah found some others too. Friend sent me this one where this shaman, Elefotm-Dentarg, exploited that bug too:

You can tell from previous logs the int/stam differences (though he seemed to have hidden his character’s logs when searched, his guild’s are still available).

Probably easier to just discard any logs from this date that have primary stats thresholds well beyond those attainable.

Some more examples (ww monk):

Both users did it on multiple fights obviously.

holy shit this needs to be fixed.

Blizzard hotfixed it, so it has been addressed.

Here’s another example I found:

heres more

Is there a way to flag parses for removal? The same thing happened to me, but not intentionally. I guess I had been pvping before raid and triggered the exploit. Regardless, my stats were way inflated, and now that I heard about this exploit and looked at the log more closely I was clearly bugged. How do I get rid of the parse?

Just link the report URL. I will blacklist.

Pretty obvious that I (Assaúlt) was the only one afflicted by the bug, but there it is.


Do they all need to be done manually? Most every class I would assume has the top parses polluted. More examples:

WW for sure has many of the top ranks using the bug still.

This guy aswell

Hakoda, Mos, and Griv in this along with every other encounter in this log.

Gorlôck, on every encounter in this log

Another one found. Gaaro, on Elisande and Guldan hc

Philazane on every Encounter on heroic difficulty