Filtering Damage Done To Show One Class Changes Parse Numbers

I looked and asked for documentation yesterday and couldn’t find any, so please forgive me if I am missing something obvious.

Compare these two views of a report:



View 1 is all damage for a Broodlord fight. View 2 is the same report but filtered to show only the mages.

Check the parses for Sunful, the mage. In both views, his damage is listed as 19.8k and a DPS of 163.6. In View 1, his raw parse is listed as a 9 with an iLvL parse of 9. But in View 2, his raw parse is listed as an 18 with an iLvL parse of 22.

The same “my pasre changes when I filter to only look at my class” issue happens with all of the mages. It also happens with warlocks, hunters. For rogues, however, the only rogue affected is TheGrouch.

What is going on, here?

Nice find! This bug has been fixed. This was an obscure interaction of the class selection view with a rankings filter (Broodlord Whelps being excluded). The view for all players was the correct one, and they should now match.

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