FFLogs Uploader Version Error

I have used Warcraft logs for quite a while so i am familiar with the way the Warcraft Logs uploader works, but whenever i try to use the FFLogs uploader i get Error: This version (8.5) is incompatible. Download the latest version of the desktop application.

So is there a new version i need to get, and where do i get it if so?

same error
it occurs after I updated Adobe air today.

I tried install previous version of Adobe air but does not work.

Not available yet. Still working on Stormblood support.

Hi Kihra,

first thanks to you for your amazing work. Then, do you have an ETA until the Stormblood Support?

Is there anything we can do to help you?

Nvm, just saw your other post requiring help. Doing that as soon as possible