[Feature request] Add armor to the resources list


Could you, please, add Armor to the resources list, similar to how Attack Power is shown for tanks?

It would be neat to see the interactions between armor Trinkets/Enchants/Buffs for tanks all in one place.

If possible, could you also check why Ironfur stacks are no longer showing under the buffs section? The uptime is there, but stack counts are always 1, even when there are multiple ironfur casts in short succession. Unfortunately I didn’t check if stacking buffs don’t show for other classes too, but the debuffs on target seem to work peachy.

If I still have your attention, could you let me know if M+7.2.5 rankings on detailed character screen are coming? Loved the quick overview that it provided per character and it was also the only place where you could check ehrps rankings easily.

I apologize for putting all of this in the same topic, but I didn’t want to flood the forums with multiple topics.