API v2 Getting consumable buff information like flask effects and weapon oils

Hi! I am a computer science student new to using APIs, I was playing around with the v2 API trying to fetch consumable buff information for an encounter so I would be able to track which fights I had a flask effect on, or weapon oil / sharpening stone. What kind of query hierarchy would I have to go through to find this kind of information? Would it take multiple queries to get the buff ids and report data and use them together?

I think that you wanna fetch the combat-logs event COMBATANT_INFO.

I haven’t done much with the graphql api yet, but that’s one way how to get the information you want:

	reportData {
		report (code: "YOUR REPORT ID") {
			table(startTime: 0, endTime: 9999999, encounterID: 618)

This query basically fetches the data which you can find in the “Summary” tab if you open the report with your web browser.

There you can find an array of equipped items for each character which contains the information you are looking for.

    "id": 29988,
    "slot": 15,
    "quality": 4,
    "icon": "inv_staff_43.jpg",
    "name": "The Nexus Key",
    "itemLevel": 141,
    "permanentEnchant": 2669,
    "permanentEnchantName": "+40 Spell Power",
    "temporaryEnchant": 2628,
    "temporaryEnchantName": "Brilliant Wizard Oil"

Ok this is good! I can get the weapon enhancement effects with this for a certain raid, but what about flask / elixir effects, or a food buff, I didn’t find any of that through the various arrays this query gives back.