Failed to update the parse descriptor file

I have run to a “failed to parse” problem listed in the puush below and none of the solutions I’ve come across so far seem to have helped me at all so I am just wondering if anyone has any ideas other than clearing cache, reinstalling and deleting the ESL.

I have been logging without issue since basically SoO but since the updates last week (3.77 or whatever it was) I have been getting this:

I got rid of Air and WCL, downloaded them both again and reinstalled AIR. When I went to install the WCL client I got this popup.

That popup is normal.

Alright well I installed it anyway because I assumed it was and my virus scan said the file was safe. I’m still getting the first error though and none of the things I have done fixed it. Any ideas why it’s not parsing?

Is your clock messed up and set to a date in the future? THat can cause this error to occur.

No it is not. It’s on the exact date and time.

Apparently my anti-virus automatically put the WCL Uploaded on my block list when the 3.77 update happened, just didn’t occur to check there since it had never been an issue previously. Thanks for the suggestions.

I have the same problem ,what should i do to solve it

sorry ,i solve the problem.i’m chinese,i use VPN(lantern)before that,when i open lantern,everything is solved