Elisande Heroic Invalid log, seeking help

Hey, we just killed Elisande heroic and I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on why our kill has been marked as invalid?

We have the exact same problem with our Elisande HC kill.
Invalid Log but it was our kill :confused:


Same for us, i think there is some issue with the kill time!! first it shown 6 min or something and later it swapped to 10.02 after reexport…


These should all be fixed now.

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We killed Elisande on Heroic last night and our log is showed Invalid. It appears to only have gotten Phase 1, our actual kill was 10 minutes. Can this be fixed?


The report I uploaded is also marked as invalid for our Elisande fight (though it is Normal) - https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/Z238cqDW1A4hx6dY/#fight=8

You did the achievement and brought out the Infinite Drakeling. I had to disqualify all logs doing the achievement, since people were padding on the drakeling to an insane degree to do millions of DPS.

That would explain it - thank you!

Just to help people here, don’t let people feign etc. to end combat on Elisande. Wipe cleanly. The number one thing that bugs her out in logs is hunter feigns etc.