Elemental Pair Water/Air (Hydroflux and Aileron)

this is another elemental pair-fight where people are dpsing objects in the room instead of actually doing the encounter

30s into the fight 2 people get ice tombes and 1 person turns into a whirlwind and has to run over those 2 tombs to break them out
those ice tombs are also attackable, people just leave people in ice and cleave the blocks to increase their parse
the tombs have so much health that you literally can not dps people ouf of them, they do disappear after a certain time frame


id suggest removing any dmg on the unit Ice Tomb to be removed from rankings
basicly what we did Hydroflux and Mnemesis, remove Logic Wall dmg from logs
here or with bombs in fire wing, cocoons on spider mini, roots on life/logic

thank you :wink:

Fair change :slight_smile:

I have made this change. Give the crawler some time to re-process all the Datascape reports.

I agree with the change that was made to this particular pair, but the same Ice Tombs were removed from a fight (Hydroflux and Pyrobane) which requires the raid to break raid members out of the tombs as quickly as possible so some people are losing points for doing the intended mechanic.


If there is any way to separate these two pairs that would be awesome.

^ yea what he said

that would be great yeah

on Fire/Water (Hydroflux and Pyrobane) your DPS are supposed to clear the Ice Tombs, they have killable HP and its the intended mechanic
they just have the same name as on Air/Water (Hydroflux and Ailerion) where they shouldnt count and where the change has been made for

Ok, I will make this adjustment, but will need to wait until I get RMT sorted out.