Dungeon logs not working properly for one character

My logs on my paladin isnt uploading properly for dungeons, but raids are fine.
I did a dungeon on my Evoker and it worked perfectly fine. I swapped over on my Paladin and dungeon logs isnt working again.

/combatlog when i enter game and combat log settings in game is active.
I dont know whats going on?

logs shows up like this Warcraft Logs - Combat Analysis for Warcraft

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Hey there. Looks like an addon is interfering with your logging on that character. By the looks of it, there’s one that stops logging at boss encounter ends, which leads me to think it might be BigWigs. I’d doublecheck your BigWigs (or possibly other addons) settings.

This twitter thread might give you some troubleshooting ideas too: https://twitter.com/gerrit_alex/status/1613931501405585409

I will give that a try. Thank you