Desolate Host ranking removed for no reason?

I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out what caused this log

to have my ranking (Vishkal) removed immediately after the encounter was finished? I’ve been looking over it and I just cannot figure out what would cause it.

The only two things that looked unusual to me are:

14 triggers of Unbreakable Will - this seems completely bizarre to me but I’ve looked at other logs and they have the same issue so it must be a bug and out of my control.

I think I activated Crusade just before the beginning of the encounter - This might look like the recent chain of thrayn exploit, except that I’m actually wearing chain of thrayn and therefore can’t be exploiting it, and that exploit is also now impossible? If this is the issue then that sort of filter should be removed because it can only ever catch false positives.

Honestly the ranking itself isn’t that important to me, it’s not very good, I’d just like to know why it got removed if I can. Especially if it might happen again, I’d like to avoid it.