Only my logs in my team are not on rank

The above is my NH Mythic log. I got 100 parses on Chronomatic Anomaly and Trilliax today. However, my logs are not on the UH DK ranking below:

Other players’ logs (in the same fights) are already on their class/spec’s ranking.
Below is my team’s Trilliax log today;
and on havor DH Trilliax ranking page, for example, there is my teammate DH’s log on the 97th rank:

Addition: I checked rank page of the fight logs and found my logs are in red background, which means they are removed automatically. So I checked the ranking policy and it says that exploited logs will be removed. However, I feel unfair because I didn’t exploit anything in and out of game, so please check and tell me what’s the problem.

I guess it’s because of the UH DK new artifact trait bug.

Correct. For now I’m having to disqualify unholy DKs with the new trait.