Damage Type Color Codes

From what I understand, enemy abilities on FFLogs are color coded to damage type according to the following:

#cdb773	Physical
#a798d9	Darkness
#d53f59	Magical (Fire)
#82dce7	Magical (Ice)
#aeaeae	Magical (Wind)
#b86515	Magical (Earth)
#e7e782	Magical (Lightning)
#4475e7	Magical (Water)

I’ve run into some cases where these codes are not correct, and even conflict with the information from ACT. Specific examples from A8S are:

  • Long Needle
  • Short Needle
  • Petpetual Ray
  • Brawler’s Attack
  • Brawler’s Magicked Mark
  • Single Buster
  • Double Buster
  • Swindler’s Attack
  • Swindler’s Magicked Mark
  • Power Plasma
  • Ultra Power Plasma

Those are all listed on FFLogs as Darkness damage, but should be listed as magical damage.

As a side note, I also think the color codes for various types of magic damage are not relevant since elemental resistances are never used in this game (at least not yet), so one color for all magic damage would be just as useful and also less confusing for most people.

There should probably be a color coded key somewhere on the site too.

a798d9 doesn’t mean Darkness. It just means Unaspected.

Aha. Well that clears things up. But then that also means darkness damage isn’t specified anywhere, and is one of the more useful bits of information that could be presented there.

Hmmm yeah, I don’t handle Darkness at all it looks like. Is it considered an aspect or is it more like a type e.g., physical vs. magical vs. darkness.

Basically, Darkness damage is handled by the game differently than Magical (Unaspected), Magical (Elemental), and Physical. So basically it’s what you just said, the three main categories are physical vs. magical vs. darkness. The abilities that can be used to mitigate damage differs between each of these three types. For example, Virus does not affect damage done by a Darkness ability, but Disable still does.