[classic] AQ40 guardians pack skip & all-stars

Many of the boss kills logs do not count anymore for all-stars due to the new AQ40 speed conditions.

I understand disqualifying guild speed clears if they skipped 1 of the Guardian Trash packs but why does it affect personal boss scores?

Also, I don’t remember seeing any poll regarding guardian packs skipping. Why do we require all 4 guardian packs when one of the packs can literally be skipped by walking straight past them without using any tricks or waiting for any patrols. It forces guilds to waste time for the next few months without a good reason.

There’s a bug with Eradicator detection at the start of the instance. I’m working on a fix for that and then will recrawl again.

Thank you for the quick response.

Regarding guardian packs, I see that all 4 packs are required. Was there a poll that I missed for guardian packs?

The current requirements allow you to skip 1 guardian pack (the one that everybody is skipping on the way to Sartura).