Class DPS/HPS highscores not updated ( Classic )

Yesterday many of my guildies got new top parses, and even some top 100 worldwide. This shows in their personal logs, but not on the class rankings of the server/worldwide.

The user which uploaded the log have GM status on and here is the logs:

What would you suggest me to do to get this data updated in the BWL - Damage - Classes DPS hichscores?

Would a reupload of logs work maybe?

The log looks fine to me, what makes you think it’s not there?


This is an example, look at IGN “Gremio”
He had 858.9 DPS on chromaggus:

And it’s not updated here.

IGN Sacromento had HPS 724.7 on firemaw

But not updated here:

Hiya, I think yours is fixed now Bootycamp, did you do anything in particular to fix it?

I’m having a similar problem with about half the raid for this log:

Easiest example is Ela gets 1519 HPS on Vael

But isn’t shown here for server rankings:

On the rankings overview there is a ‘-’ for everyone with a missing best rank.

Click the Export button on that page and then wait for next update.

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