Character that isn't mine showing up

My account has a character that isn’t mine associated with it (I have battle tag integration enabled). And, the guild for this character is also showing up for me.

I believe this is happening because I transferred a character to Area 52 and named it Zhennifer. I later transferred that character off of Area 52.

At some point after I did this, someone on Area 52 named THEIR character Zhennifer. So this is now showing up under my warcraftlogs account, along with their guild (Kitten Mittens).

Although the guild name is very charming, I don’t want to accidentally upload logs to this guild and have them mad at me or have the person who owns that character unable to do something because it’s hooked to my account. Can it be fixed somehow?

Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:

Unlink and relink your account. That will dump all the stale characters.