Character profile has never updated despite uploading logs. Character is absent from rankings

Louisoix - EU - ‘Shio Gamu’

The only thing that shows on my profile is an incorrect average of 91.8 on Dungeons (Endgame) which seemingly comes from an FC (CN: Bliss) based report from August last year(?!):

Also, I have been in a number of Cinder EX and Normal Eden clears recently where FC mates have been running and uploading logs from that do not appear on my profile.

Friend’s from my current FC profile’s are updated as a result of my logs despite my own profile not being updated. Example:

If it helps I was on Spriggan before transferring to Louisoix about a month and a half ago. I also changed my Character’s name to it’s current one around that kind of time.

More personal logs from random things, if it helps:

Correction (Can’t find an edit function?):

Server transfer was much more than a month ago, got mixed up. It would’ve been previous to the first log in my intial post. That log being the only one that seems to have had any effect on my character’s profile, albeit incorrect.

Any ideas? No reply from support email either over the last 8 days. Not sure where to get any feedback.

I fixed this for you. There was a 2nd Lodestone ID with that name and server.

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Thank you very much!