Character now showing as LocalPlayer

Following the last update, my logs show my main character as ‘LocalPlayer’, which is appearing as a new guild member for my guild alongside the previous logs containing the character’s correct name.

Oddly, other guildies recording logs at the same time show my character correctly, no LocalPlayer for them or me.

If I go to the Guild tab and select the character from the list of my characters, it shows ‘this character no longer exists’ and routes my to the correct name. However, the next log I upload goes under LocalPlayer.

Is this a bug you’re aware of, is it possible ‘claim’ the unnamed character and merge with the correct one? (This sort of option to claim chars would be really welcomed in the guild tools)

Thanks in anticipation, c=64

Shame no-one responded to this

Should just sort itself out if you re-upload with the correct name.