Character Data Missing

there is something wrong with one of my lvl 110 character’s wcl page, the data for last logout/gear/talent/stat cannot been seen on the page. and also, this character is not able to sync to my acct. ‘ Characters’

i found the real odd thing is that, in this character’s wcl page, the stat for ‘last logout’ = Never亞雷戈斯/代虎#difficulty=4&partition=2

however you can see the data (the gear/talent/stat) for this character on worldofwarcraft page is perfectly fine.代虎

can this be fixed?

thank you

I think it’s somehow fixed today, I can see last logout/gear/talent/stat for the character now.

but the last problem is, this character still not shows in my character list. which is odd.

*** I’ve already tried re-link many times, and also clicked on ‘update’. doesn’t work.