BWL Parse bugged, shows "with skips"

Our parse from last night’s raid…

We ran the instance like we always do, which always logs under “bwl without trash skips”

For some reason, we ran everything the same last night, and its only counting as “BWL With trash skip’s”

You didn’t log any trash.

how does that happen, when we logged it like every other run? not quite sure what to do

actually just went back and checked our other raiders log’s as well… and none of them showed any trash. Had to be some kind of bug, we have the raid vlog’d to prove what we did…

And honestly you know its impossible to kill it without killing any trash at all


They probably are using an autologger like DBM and have it configured wrong (one of its options is to not log trash).

all 3 of our regular loggers, who always log our raids successfully, had the same issue last night, none of them did anything different then they have every week before?