Bug Classic WOW: Personal Logs Causes Top Parses to Not Be Counted

I’ve run across a bug where top parses are not counted when a public Guild log exists and, for the same raid, a public non-guild, personal log exists for the same raid. When both public guild and personal logs exist for the same raid, some top parses will appear in the top rankings and others will not.

Recommended fix: just use the guild log for the raid for ranking purposes - do not consider personal logs. And, do not let personal logs mask/partially mask guild logs.

Both guild and personal logs may occur by chance, or on purpose. In either case, personal logs ought not to mask guild logs. Moreover, this would seem to be an easy bug to fix.

If desired, I can provide the reason behind the “on purpose” case.

This only happens if you filter by faction. Over time this bug will go away, since i’m setting the factions of characters now when guild rankings are viewed or updated.