[API] Request entire Mythic+ event log JSON

Is there an API endpoint that will return a JSON object with the entire event log for an uploaded Mythic+ using the code associated for that run?

I’ve been toying around grabbing data via python’s request library and when pulling a ~/report/events/summary/{code for the Mythic+}?end={some large 30-minute equivalency number} the events log only goes to some small fraction of the total time, but includes a ‘nextTimestamp’. I’ve tried to append together an entire dungeon JSON by making multiple requests using the ‘nextTimestamp’ as the subsequent start time until the entire report is complete but this typically fails. I’ve been successful pricing together much smaller time periods roughly equivalent to 5-10 minutes but its a fairly slow process. Are API requests limited in their size or number of events that can be returned? I would love to be able to grab an entire Mythic dungeon so that I may do some analysis on my runs.