[API] Table deaths does not return full data for specified timeframe



There are 21 boss pulls in report (kills + wipes). I am trying to get deaths statistics for specified range: [start of first pull - end of last pull]. But in json response there are no deaths for last ~4 pulls and no additional tag included (such as ‘nextPageTimestamp’) which can inform client to request additional data.

Example: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/v1/report/tables/deaths/HFDVWcyAf1q4Ghxg?start=240303&end=9599920&translate=true&api_key=***



Looks like here is limitation in 200 objects in a response from server, I can try workaround and try to request more data for range [last object timestamp - end of last pull] in this case.



Yeah, that particular call isn’t used by the Web site and just has a 200 result cap. Across multiple pulls, deaths pane turns into survivability pane.

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