All star ranking numbers inconsistent?

After the update that just went through, some players have far more points than they should. With a max 510 and some people scoring 580+ I was interested to know how this works, and where these bonus points come from.

edit: okay so I think I found the source of it - hummelfaust rankings. #1 faust logs count for the standard 30 points. however any parse below this seems to be counting for much higher (100 is my guess)

Yeah, I’m fixing it now.

There still seems to be some odd inconsistency between the profile pages and the all star ranking pages, and I’m not sure which is incorrect. For example, the profile page says 477, yet the all stars page says 426, yet I haven’t done anything to update rankings in over a week. I’m fairly sure Brute Justice on my profile page is calculated incorrectly, since it’s 107.5/120, despite being like 54th percentile.

What’s your character name and server? Or just link me to your profile page…

Oh, sorry. Here it is:

Its not just him, there is a difference between pretty mutch every Profile (All Star Points) and the Points shown on the All Star Page. Not sure if we still need to wait next day for updating it on the All Star Page but since 06.05.2016 my Profile tells me i’ve got 494 Points and yesterday my All Star points changed from 449(if i remember correctly) to 464. Here my Profile aswell:

Similar story here, our server page: shows me at 387, while my profile page: shows me at 473.

It’s also the same for the rest of my static, with some differences being over 100 points. (See Drifting Diamond, 315 > 427 & Danger Zone, 313 > 445)

Just hasn’t updated to the new formula (as described in the other thread). It should update next at midnight PST.