3.5 FFlogs no longer show 'begin casting'?

As title says, it seems like since 3.5 - in the ‘casts’ section of events in FFlogs - it does not log when players ‘begin’ casting any action that has a cast time (e.g. machinists - Player A begins casting Hot Shot - what it used to show since 3.4) and now only shows when a cast has actually landed a hit and therefore only logs (Player A casts Hot Shot).

Also, for the recent trial - Zurvan extreme - two of his abilities which have cast times - namely ‘Tail End’ and ‘Biting Halberd’ (which can be dodged by players) - appears to not be logged at all unless someone in the party is hit by them. (which im also assuming is related to how it no longer recognizes abilities ‘being’ casted).

This issue, along with the buffs/debuffs issues with them not fading on death, have both been fixed in v1.4.2.27 of the ACT plug-in.