Guild Control Requests



I’d like to take control over my guild as I’m in the officer rank for the guild, the GM is not registered on the site, and there is currently no one presently listed as an officer at all.

Game: WoW
Guild: Occams Razor
Realm: Thrall (US)
Account: Neranil



I need to take control of my guild as I am responsible for logging and nobody else is on warcraftlogs yet.

Character name Rellovie
Guild crusaders on lightbringer US

  1. WOW
  2. Cônûndrûm Proudmore US
    Character name Bigdogcc
    I am rank 1


hey pls help me on
EU - Argent Dawn
Guild: GITS
Charname Paljay
Rank 1


Game: World of Warcraft (WoW)
Guild: Sweatbox on Kazzak

I’m currently the GM and would love to gain access to the guild’s code.