[Wow] Issue with Re-exporting Rankings

Good day,

I seem to have an issue with the Rankings system of WCL. I have looked up possible solutions or similar topics, but was unable to find anything matching to my problem.

I post logs, playing on EU and US (oceanic) clients. The EU logs work fine, and rankings are processed within a day or so. However when I post logs from my Oceanic gameplays, no rankings go live or being processed. I do not recall any of my logs being processed for ranks for Oceanic raids. Here is an Example of a log -

I just find it curious that the same process of uploading the logs from the same computer result in completely different outcomes. Maybe it is a Bug and you would like to look into it. If it turns out that I am doing something wrong or there is a limitation of sorts, I wouldn’t mind hearing about it.


Another log that did the same thing.

Does anyone have this issue?


You have to select a region when uploading to personal logs in the client uploader. This is because region is not included in WoW’s combat log files and they re-use the same server names in different regions.

You’re probably uploading all your logs to the EU region, so that’s why only those are ranking.

You can change the region in the client uploader for your personal logs.

Thank you very much Kihra!

I thought it would be something simple like that, but simple things are easy to miss. I have re-uploaded both logs with US prefix in the uploader and ranks worked like a charm.

Appreciate your help!