Wow Classic Unfair log

Is it fair?
It is becoming a meaningless competition.
Watch the replay on February 3, 2020.
Do you approve of this?

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We need to report this. It undermines everything Warcraft Logs stands for. Ranks and performance scores will become completely meaningless if cheating like this is allowed.

For those who can’t see how the offending priest (named Tazuo) stole the world rank one spot for all healers (with nearly 3x the hps of the previous rank one), he literally just put four locks in this group, then had them all stand off to the side spamming max rank Life Tap for entire fights, so he could spam max rank Prayer of Healing for massive hps.

It’s not even like they tried to hide it. If you watch their Ragnaros fight, all five of them are literally huddled around each other at the back of the room, while exploiting the logs.

In line with the Warcraft Logs Rankings Policies, I’ll be emailing the site admins about this now. The offending priest will be back down to his usual scores in no time.

Yes, agreed. I will blacklist the log.

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There’s many logs with similar things with people standing in rag fight the whole fight, or abusing pet healing.

Dps wise, you see the same thing with Golemagg logs cleaving adds just to pad. It’s not the same as say Garr because you need to kill the adds, however with Golemagg it should be blacklisted as the dogs despawn upon boss death.

Just curious, how long it takes for a log to show as blacklisted? Seems the priest that’s the centre of the discussion (Tazuo) is still listed as the rank 1 healer for MC, with only their Ragnaros parse appearing to have been hit with a punitive measure.

Hoping the other boss fights are similarly reviewed, since the priest used the same exploit for all boss encounters.