Warcraftlog character bugged

This is my character -

I deleted the previous character(same name but different character) and I believe that triggered the bug ?

This is one of the personal logs that I logged with this character but they are not appearing on my Detailed Ranking or Dashboard.


This is my character i deleted the previous character same name but different character and i change de race it was a blood elf and now a mag’har orc,

this is the parses i did with my guilde


can you do something plz ?

Hello, I am a user who is enjoying WOW in South Korea.

There was a bug where my character’s log wasn’t recoreded and then log was divided into two characters.

https://ko.warcraftlogs.com/character/kr/하이잘/찰스디킨스 <— bug character
https://ko.warcraftlogs.com/character/id/47648364 <— original character

I need you to do something

Please send mail to support@warcraftlogs.com to get a ticket created. Thanks.