Want to remove ex-guild members from the guild rankings

Hey, our guild warcraftlogs ranking has a lot of ex-guildies that has left the guild. Is there a way to possible remove them from the rankings page?
Yes, there exists a option : “Only include recent raiders”. But we want to remove them permamently without having to press that button.

Would like an answer to the question too :slight_smile:

Check the Only include recent raiders box.

It seems like this could have a lot of unintended side effects (just giving editorial power to remove people who may or may not have contributed to a guild’s past success). A similar problem is folks who raid once or twice with exceptional numbers (or for a speed run) so their means and medians are out of line with a more consistent baselines. I guess it comes down to whether you think guild rankings should be a matter of record or a motivational tool more in control of guild leaders. I feel like you’re asking more for the latter (though I could be wrong), Warcraft Logs feels more like the former in spirit.

The problem is that the ranking stats still updating with recent logs, meaning that if someone leave the guild but still raid he got his stats updated…