Unable to track Arcane Charge for Mages

I suspect this is a problem with the data itself, but I have two arcane mages in my raid and I cannot find a way to track Arcane Charge on either of them. It’d be really useful especially for helping the new player learn what he’s doing on his class. I can probably figure it out by parsing the event log myself and just counting as I go, but it’d be great if that was done for me automatically.

Step one: make them go fire.


Haha, right? We’re a pretty casual raid so I let folks play what they want, but man the difference between fire and arcane is insane.

But seriously, any chance we can get this going?

(Also, holy crap the new Replay … you’re amazing.)

I don’t think it’s trackable in logs.

Well now I am sad. :frowning: