Transfer Golden Patreon

Hello there i m a golden patreon member and i transfered my char from Ravencrest to Twisting nether is it possible with your update to merge my grinding ranks? (Chonsuan-Ravencrest and my New char 2 weeks now Chonsuan-TwistingNether) is it possible with the new update that u did to merge my 2 profiles? thnx again for the help? cause i had a lot of practising on the old team and its kinda sad to not be able to show my ranks now while i practise now too only if its possible to merge i dont want replace!
thnx again for the help i appreciate your job!

It is not possible (yet). It’s being discussed… very challenging technically.

oh i see thnx a lot for answering me i saw the update thats why i commented anyways thnx again and keep up the good work i hope u will made it eventually and i will support your efforts:D