The progress of my character in Ny'alotha is wrong

Dear WCL support team,

The progress 2

I found my progress in Ny’alotha only displays 10 of 12 although I have farmed all bosses for a couple of weeks in my guild. Please find attached screenshots for your reference.

I asked other members in my guild regarding this issue, they confirmed the progress of their characters are correct (12/12). Is there any chance that you can help me with this?

My character name is: 驿桥春雨醉

WCL profile:熊猫酒仙/驿桥春雨醉

and my guild name is: 青山依旧

WCL profile:熊猫酒仙/青山依旧

Many thanks :slight_smile:

I reported this bug a week ago but haven’t got any responses…

Thank you Kihra, it is fixed.