Talent tooltip not loading on WCL website

Hey all,

Been experiencing a frustrating bug with google chrome and warcraftlogs website only just recently.

When mousing over the “talents/trinkets” section and hovering the mouse over each talent google chrome no longer displays the wowhead tooltip to the right of the mouse.

Is anyone else experiencing this, If not are there any suggestions anyone could provide?

Using the link below when I mouseover talents they aren’t displaying the spell tooltip from wowhead anymore.


I’ve tried removing all my chrome extensions, resetting router and browsers to default settings but the issue is still persisting.

Strangely enough firefox is still working perfectly but chrome, internet explorer and microsoft edge aren’t displaying that tooltip for the talents.

This problem is extremely frustrating and would like to fix it as soon as possible.

Looks like the redirect from wowhead to wow.zamimg.com is failing for some people. I went ahead and updated the site to just point directly to wow.zamimg.com and hopefully that will fix the problem.