SWTOR Logs Doesn't work?

Does the SWTOR section just not work?

SWTOR Logs is just a proof of concept demo. It’s not a real site. It works, but I have no plans to develop it unless the improvements I posted here are made:


I would absolutely build this if I could get traction on combat log improvements, but the logs being personal only are a complete dealbreaker for any kind of useful site.

Super unfortunate, the alternatives just aren’t anywhere near as nice as the Warcraft logs style. Shame.

It all works, e.g.,



I am hopeful that they will get the bandwidth someday to improve the combat log, and then it can become a real site.

I couldn’t figure out quite what was wrong with the site when I was first looking at it, and why players were using these other sites for their logs. I mentioned SWTOR Logs in a couple of Twitch streams where players were raiding and they were quite blown away by it, yet hadn’t heard of it. This explains why. Hopefully one day!

@Alkutraxis I did fix the mailer issue that prevented signups/activations from working, so you can actually play around with the site now and upload logs to it.