Summary Pins with no results mess up other summary pins

3 pins here, if the Searing Brand pin doesn’t return any results, the next 2 pins have the wrong expression in their boxes (the Searing Brand expression shows in the Fel Beam pin’s result box, etc).

Working (all pins have results):"Searing%20Brand"%20and%20stack%20>%205^"Fel%20Beam"%20and%20target.type%3D"player"^"Burning%20Pitch"%20and%20target.type%3D"player"

Broken (no results on one pin, breaks the rest of the pins):"Searing%20Brand"%20and%20stack%20>%205^"Fel%20Beam"%20and%20target.type%3D"player"^"Burning%20Pitch"%20and%20target.type%3D"player"