Rankings not be counted

Hello, the logs do not show rankings. If I click “Export button”, rankings are shown, but only for a time and are not counted in the total, and the profile of the character. Am I doing something wrong? I use Warcraft Logs Uploader. Help me please :disappointed:

Can you provide a link to the log?

Sure :slight_smile: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/kJgBanxdcHfhwCMy#type=damage-done All our latest logs have such a problem …

YOu didn’t log with Advanced Combat Logging enabled. You can enable it from the Network pane of System preferences in-game.

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:open_mouth: Thank you very much, did not know! It is strange that in the “Help” a word about it…

But this option does not increase the load?

The uploader shows a big red error box warning you that it’s not enabled… but yeah I should mention it in the Getting Started section also probably.